Our beliefs

To build a circle of trust for you and a professional and happy environment, we base our business culture on:

  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Work with excellence
  • Integrity and 
  • Clear communication

We also believe this generates a positive attitude that reflects in our relationships and consequently in our work.


We are open, receptive, ready and willing to cooperate with each other as we all have common objectives:

You want the best for your clients and so do we. 

We all contribute to maintaining the high standards of our network in order to reach your and our business objectives.

We believe this environment fosters increased business opportunities and prospects of success for  members, clients and brands.

Our goal is to connect and expand your world.

Our Team

Marcela Ramirez

Marcela Ramírez

Comvort Managing Director

If I say I do I will. Count on it.

International, multicultural, interdisciplinary, that is my job and that is my spirit.

Connecting, collaborating and integrating. Creating bridges to connect people, agencies, teams from different disciplines, breaking cultural barriers fostering collaboration to create something bigger, stronger and (more) international.

Latina with all my heart and a citizen of many loved places.

Love dogs, cookies, bubbly and Colombian coffee.

Fragrance aficionado.

Dancing runs through my soul, it is my therapy, I come from the capital of “salsa”. 

“What you resist, persists” – Carl Jung

Simon French

Simon French

Operations Director

Passion is everything. For my work life, my wife and daughters. For our Labrador. For all things fragrant. I smell therefore I am. And I cook therefore I am!!

Best piece of advice, avoid the 3 ‘M’s – Me Too, Mundane, Mediocre.                           

Creativity in business is essential. 

So too is execution of a clear strategy to achieve success.  

Life imitates Monty Python, always. More passion. Music..loud! The book I will write, West Ham United.

Professional golfer. Inveterate doodler. Cartoonist.

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” – Ben Hogan

dog with books


CRO - Chief Relaxation Officer

Bookkeeper, sofa devotee, great barker. Guard dog?

Food opportunist, you think cats can pounce fast? You haven’t seen me after a dropped crisp.

I love ice cream, carrots and papaya… and almost everything else. Not lettuce or bananas please.

Dog lover, cat disliker, pigeon chaser.

Swimming and going for walkies with my bosses are my thing.

I carry a Singaporean passport which may account for my love for the Mediterranean summer.

And I am a loyal team member.

Our Founder

Karl Jacobi

Karl Jacobi was born in Cologne, Germany.

Karl grew up in a very competitive environment facing challenges that formed his unique personality and character. 

He held the position of Managing director in several advertising agencies in Germany.

Karl fell  in love with Barcelona, its culture and its people.  In 1982 he made it his home, formed his own agency and run very successful campaigns.

In 1989 he founded Comvort, an international network of independent, owner-managed  advertising agencies. 

Karl has professional qualifications in: Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, Visual communication; he is a Radio and Television technician, an Automotive mechanic and a Carpenter. 

Motor racing, sailing and music have been his other passions.  A successful racing driver for many years in the Spanish Speed Championship,  Pre-65 category. Cataluña Champion in 1998, Champion of the Spanish Cup in 1998 and 1989 and Champion of Classic Series of Spain in 2003. 

Karl plays the bass guitar and sings in the rock group “Group Sixty Six”. He is known by his excellent interpretation of Joe Cocker’s Unchain My Heart.

Karl revolutionized the industry with his passion and vision; we will all forever be in his debt.

Our Story

Comvort – “Communikation Vor Ort” – Communication on the Spot

Comvort was founded in 1989 by German marketing guru, Karl Jacobi.

Over the next two years, the group expanded, mostly through Germany and Europe.

Karl realised innovation was needed to survive the economic crisis of 1992 and to take the Comvort Group to the next level.

He then introduced a revolutionary approach to network communication relying on an attractive cost effective business model to benefit member agencies.

He was proved correct and while member agencies were no longer shareholders, they remained Comvort licence holders.

From 1994, when Comvort became firmly established in Barcelona, the group continued to grow and evolve. 

English was established as the network first language and by 2001 there was now a vibrant global network of communication and marketing agencies.

12 Specialist business categories were clearly defined, in addition to full service agencies, i.e healthcare, media, branding, public relations and more. 

The business model was flexible and agile.

Member agencies were encouraged to help and collaborate with each other for projects and information.

From 2009 to the present day this dynamic decentralised style has further evolved.

Central Comvort Office does not dictate how members work but tries to create synergies to enable greater business opportunities. So, as clients have demanded more of a  global approach from the marketing  communication initiatives, the Comvort network has grown accordingly.

This makes Comvort the place to be for local agencies with their specialized market knowledge to become instantly global.