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Simon French

Simon French – CEO & Founder

To know more about Perfumistics  and how they can help you, contact:


Perfumistics is a consultancy working across all sectors of the fragrance industry.

They work with raw material producers, fragrance houses, specialist technical providers, CPG’s and fine fragrance companies and their brands.

Their design and creation work has resulted in many market products considered consumer classics.

Consumer understanding: Perfumistics has become known as a unique resource for understanding a wide range of consumers across many geographies. ​​

Customised training techniques that help individuals and companies alike. Not only in the classical way of learning perfumery materials but also how to use and implement sensory marketing – all the senses – to engage consumers at all “Passion Points”. ​​

Understanding of  the fragrance industry and approaching a fragrance house  if you  have any type of  project that involves fragrance then Perfumistics is your place.

Or, if you have any type of project that involves  fragrance and you need to understand the fragrance industry  or approach a fragrance house then Perfumistics is your go to resource.

Change management, cost savings, supply chain enhancement and mergers & acquisitions are other key activity areas.​​

Peter Tobias – CEO and Founder

To know more about Midas and how they can help you, contact: 


Midas is an Asia based consultancy with offices in Hong Kong, Manila and Saigon. ​​

Predominantly involved in all aspects of the flavour, fragrance and aroma chemicals industry.

Midas specialises in turnkey projectscompany restructuringmergers and acquisitions and building multi-national operational networks.​​

Discreet in their approach, Midas has had outstanding success initiating programs improving corporate management and performance protocols.

Venkatesh Kedlaya

Venkatesh Kedlaya – Founder and President

To know more about RamjayGuru® and how they can help you, contact:

Ramjay Guru

RamjayGuru® based in Bangalore, India, helps companies grow exponentially by adopting innovative business strategies.

Think. Transform. Transcend.® is a 3 Step method they developed to handle most business situations.

For over three decades, RamjayGuru®, (through its visionary leader, Venkatesh Kedlaya), has studied human behaviour, how individuals and teams succeed in India and across different cultures in over 60 countries.

RamjayGuru® is on a constant journey to impart this knowledge and to coach emerging business leaders.​​

Maria Clara Avilán

Maria Clara Avilán – Founder and Executive Director

To know more about KLR  and how they can help you, contact: 


KLR Comunicaciones is headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia.

KLR Communications is a consulting company serving clients in Colombia and the Americas. They  specialize in Public Relations, Crisis Management, Social Responsibility CSR, Events, Strategic Communications and Planning  and training in communication skills and crisis management.

KLR’s main focus of expertise is in the Oil, Gas, Mining industries, Governmental agencies and regional governments in Colombia and Latin America.

Ana Sarmiento

Ana Sarmiento

To know more about Ana Sarmiento and how she can help you, contact:

Ana Sarmiento

Ana Sarmiento, a consultant and keynote speaker, specialising in Employer branding, the Millennials world and on how you can change and adapt yours and your client’s companies to the new work force.

Millennials? For sure you have a Millennial employee or a Millennial boss.

The work force now only speak “Millennial”.

Contagious logo

To know more about Contagious and how they can help you, contact:

Ollie Smith

Contagious is a creative and strategic intelligence service with offices in London, New York and São Paolo.

Contagious is for marketers seeking a competitive edge through creativity and innovation.

They  provide inspiration and practical insights based on their interrogation of the world’s most exceptional campaigns and disruptive trends.

They exist for marketers seeking a competitive edge through creativity and
innovation, predominantly through their intelligence platform, I/O.
A content library and collaboration tool, where they report on the
world’s best marketing, and uncover the strategy, the context and the
reports behind it to help agency and brand teams to develop better work.

They also bring Contagious thinking to life on stage through a global series of expertly curated Events.

Contagious helps people learn from the best so they can make the best.